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The So-Called Power Saving Gadgets and Programs

Your power bill is a fact of life. In this articale we discuss what the reall savings are going to be of all those energy rebates and and other energy saving gadgests that you can buy nowadyss. Let us analyse these various items one by one. We will not use any facts and figures since you know as well as I that that numbers can be presented in many ways to display actually whatevwr you may need to show or anybody may need to show or desire to show. So that is not a fruitful alternative. So instead we will present argumets to establish points as far as they really can be built, that is the points, on a purely motivational or other clearly definable motivations on the part of the parties concerned.


Energy Rebates


That is wht you are given when you purchase a more energy efficient appliance or othr energy efficient heating or cooling system. When you get the check it is a very nice feeling and appears a very goos gesture. No doubt it is. But you see, something to be really good it sould be good only if we all win. Unfortunatelym this is not guaranted to happen. Also remeber that the power company has a lot more resoureces to make very fine calculations to determine exactly what the total cost of of thes rebnates is goingt to be in the long run and how much it will it affect their bottome luine. So they are in a position ot determine that it will still guarantee them good returns and yet provide a good gesture for PR purposes. We are not denying that they are not actually really trying to save you something. Just that they are still winning way more than you or me. It has to be that way since that is the general motivaion for all. In other words the fruits of progress are necessarily going to be distributed unevenly and that is unfortunate since the numbers are the one that make the the progress eceonimically feasible. And we are the numnbers that make it all possible but are not going to get a fair share of what we made it possible to realize it in the first place. 


First remember the control codes are written in such a way that if you are making a major change to your mecahnical or electrical system you must take into account the code requirements and they must be followed. What is the effect of that? This means that your cost of replacement will include the costs of the upgrade and other attendant costs. This is more business for the contractors and they must in turn purchase more of the supplies and equipmnt which in turn affects the capital equipment manufacturing industries in just about all sectorrs and including in your state and others. But hose suppliers and producers now will use mote power and hence their bill will increase and then ultimately more money will flow into the power company. But that revenue is going to be way more than what they gave you as a rebate. Why? because they do this kind of calculations routinely and have the resources to do that. And that is not all. If you look at your bill carefully the power companies are also able to increase their rates routinely via the regulatory agencies. Indeed, they have high powred lawyers and other specilaists that can present their cases very convincingly. So you see the rebate may be very happy news but somebody out there is actually even hasppier.


It would be very difficult for me to establish whether the rebate we are geting is in any measure comparable to what th power compnay is making. But let's not go there since that is neither here or there. But consider this. The powr company does have a bottom line and they are there for their owners and you can rest assured that the net gain we are having through the proces that we discussed is going to be more in their bag than yours or mine. This is not necessarily bad since that is how that get to grow. Only problem is that you and me are at the short end of the stick most of the time. Basicaally we are staying in the same place at best and have no control over it. Only thing we can do is to actually use less power in whatever way we can and reduce that bill. But there is good news. We are not in a vacuum. So if the power company can make large profits that is bound lead to some competition form other sourdes or via remote subnsttues. Remember, we are in a profit or revenue maximising system so there will be alternative sorces and if the power companies do not learn fast enough they also face exttiction. In fact the power companies may be obsolete in dure course via remote or close substitutes such as power cells. So what is the argument? Just do not get too excited about those rebates and savings. There is an angle there, like there always is. It looks like a win-win but it is really more like more-win-less win.


The Home Appliance Insurance Plans


This is a systm wherby a small fee is charged and suppossedly all your applinces in the house are covered. You would need to read the insurance documents very carefully. I mean really carefully. Remeber they have been around a lot longer than you have. You are not going to have the patience to read and understand the whiole document. Net result is this. When something goes wrong your particular item is not going to be covered via some cluse or subclause again you will end up with the short end of th stick. Indeed, I had such a contract and all thaty would is to light the piliot in the furnaces. Indeed, the power company does not have their own staff or anything. They simply have a list of contractors that anwser your call when there is a problem. And when there is a problem the repair man is not going to fix or repalce anythiign, they ar just going to evaluate the situation and advise you what to do and actually do nothing. I cancelled all my insurances long time ago and never had any problesms again. In fact you can provide your own insurance. Just put away the small amnout of money that you pay them and when something goes wrong you can call a relaible contractors to take care of your problem. In fact look at it this way. If there was not any money to be made why would they be offring such services? The fact is that most items are sufficiently covered by the initial waranty and chances of the item failing are pretty remote but you will be shelling out money every month.  Alittle bt of discipline can providee your own insurance. I do not want to use figures and guesses but the insurance industry is probably the most profitable insustry. Your local mall is probably owned by some insurance company. That is what they do with the loads of cash that they get in premiums. They collect double or triple profits from investing the funds and also from the insurance proces itself. Yo could not find any more lucrative business.


Adviosry: I would canel all house appliance plans and start my own insurance. Do not do this with your car insurance since that involves liability insurance. You could not provide that on your own. Besides, it is against the law.


Energy Efficient Appliace and Bulbs


 These are the most rediculous of inventions that benefit only the power companies in the PR department. Let's examine this in detail.


Very simple. Any advantage that you are going to get is gping to be very temporary since the power rates will be increasingand your advantage will be deleted until the nest short term gain via an energy efficient device. Basically the fundamental truth is that they are going to tlet you have just what they can get away with. Everyhi8tng is scientific now. teh squeezing has not gone away! It is only more intelligent and more organised but still living it large. Let me explain.


Back in the middle ages sandf other periods the squueezing was there but was not organised. So it went a litle toomuch at times and so ther wer repurcssi9omnd such as revolutions and wars. But now the producers and others are more informed and have baetter tools ans os know exacy what hey can get out of us without causing repucussions. But the net prgress is only marginal for the genertal masses and yet they are the ones that finces and help implement all the new proesses and technology via the law of large numners. Botom line the energy saving bulbs are just a joke and a pacifier. Yur bill will  be up therew soon enough. Itr has to be ths way since this the general motivation for any body. Any boidy would be doing this including probably me and you! Just think about this.









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